Jemala - The Golden Fibre

Jemala is renowned as one of the world’s rarest and finest merino wool. Jemala knitwear is also called the “second skin".

Who is Jemala?
Jemala is an Australian company that produces the finest Australian Ultrafine Saxon Merinos.  Its fiber is one-seventh the diameter of a strand of human hair. It has no comparable natural fibre.  Jemala yarn's prime attribute is its rarity.  The material is originated from Australia and the initial processes of top making, dyeing and spinning are performed in Italy by some of the best in the business.

Ian Gill, Jemala’s Manufacturer,(Left), David Rowbottom , Cattleman of Rowensville (Right)

Why Jemala?

Jemala is natural, chemical-free, and environmentally friendly. Even the best Cashmere cannot compare with the softness of Jemala wool, which makes Jemala one of the world’s rarest materials.  Compared to Vicuna of Peru, Jemala is rarer, softer, longer, whiter and more lustrous.  It is as rare as Shah Toosh but without the stigma attached to it.  Jemala products are warm, delicate and durable.  They are highly acclaimed and worn by monarchs, head of state, and chiefs of corporation.

L plus H proudly introduces this ultra-fine material to Hong Kong as L plus H is the exclusive shop in the Greater China for the sale of Jemala knitwear.

Jemala wool is so soft and          Jemala was acclaimed by
moisture absorbent yet                Queen Elizabeth II

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