About Bioserica

Bioserica is a 100% bio-based and biodegradable fiber that has anti-bacterial effect. 

L plus H proudly introduces this ultra-fine material to Hong Kong as L plus H has been contributed in inventing on this bio-fabric.


What is Bioserica? 

The name "BIOSERICA" suggests that the fiber itself bears a resemblance to natural silk in its appearance and hand feel. Yet, it is obtained from a totally eco-friendly biological cultivation process. 

BIOSERICA is PHBV (polyhydroxy-butyrate-co-verlerate, CAS No. 80181-31-3), a member of the polyhydroxy alkanoates (PHA's) family. The main chemicals of BIOSERICA are PLA and PHBV which are 100% bio-based, biodegradable, non-toxic and biocompatible polymers.

It is an eco-friendly natural co-polymer and produced from a non-GMO natural bacteria (Ralstonia eutropha, NCIMB11599 H16) through the fermentation of glucose obtained from non-GMP corn starch. Upon maturity, it is extracted by water extraction method without using any organic solvents and turned into 100% biodegradable raw material apt for knitting and weaving.

The blending of PHBV and PLA into textile fibers also provides greater heat stability and softness than is the case with pure PLA fibers.  


Antibacterial BIOSERICA'

The textile products have excellent mite-resistance, achieving the highest anti-mite rank: AA.

PLA and PHBV fabrics have been shown to be naturally anti-bacterial. No additional use of chemical agents is required.

The products are applicable to medical textiles, home textiles, and fashion items which require high standards of hygiene.


Environmental Friendly

After a decade of more research and practice, the whole process has successfully attained a sustainable model of production which can be reproduced in scale according to actual needs.  

Also, it maintains an excellent mite-resistance and works positively to the environment in eliminating pollution, reducing waste or surplus and provides an alternative to a greener fashion industry. 

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