Wonderful way to spread warmth and love this winter

冬季將至,最令人擔心的當然是有否足夠禦寒衣物迎接寒冬。在你未雨綢繆的同時,L plus H 也想為露宿者及基層家庭作好準備。

過去五年,有賴各方支持,如毛紡廠 Esquel Group 捐贈毛線,社會各界踴躍捐款,「Love + Hope 毛衣送暖大行動」已經織造超過 26,000 件毛衣,通過不同非牟利機構送予有需要人士。


由即日起至 2 月 29 日,每捐贈港幣 200 元正,就可贊助兩件毛衣,我們會交給非牟利機構,送到露宿者、獨居老人、基層家庭兒童等有需要人士手上。請即行動,為基層社群的寒冬帶來溫暖!

贊助「Love + Hope 毛衣送暖大行動」:http://goo.gl/dwcNYk

Have you got enough warm clothes for winter? Some might haven’t. Let’s spread warmth and love to the most in need !

This is the fifth consecutive year for us to run the ‘LOVE + HOPE Charity Sweaters Campaign’. With excess yarn donated from yarn mills e.g., Esquel Group and donation from the community, we have already manufactured over 26,000 sweaters in the past four years. The charity sweaters are distributed to the homeless and grassroots families who live in subdivided units and public housings through less-resourceful non-profit organizations.

It’s even more convenient to get involved this year. You may simply donate online to sponsor the charity sweater production!

For every donation of HK$ 200 received between now and 29th February, 2 sweaters will be distributed to those in need. Act now and create a warmer winter for someone less fortunate!

Sponsor ‘LOVE + HOPE Charity Sweaters Campaign’: http://goo.gl/dwcNYk


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