What type of knitted dress fits your body shape the best?


Everybody has figure flaws, but it doesn’t mean knitted dresses don’t fit you.  It is all about getting in tune with your body and identifying your best fit dress types.

  1. The Apple

    If you’re an apple, you are pretty proportional, but tend to carry weight around your waist.  Your legs can be fabulous as well as your bust, so make sure you show these best bits off.

    • Select structured, full or A-line skirt dresses to create an hourglass illusion.
    • A drop or empire waist will re-define your waist line.
    • Look for dresses with embellishment, colour or other details around the neck or hem to draw the eye to either ends of your body.


    1. The Pear

    If you have fuller hips and thighs, congratulations!  You make up the majority of women.  You’ve probably got a fairly flat stomach, so make the most of your figure by shaping and structuring out above your waist.

    • Select dresses with A-line skirt but not something too full to hide your wider hips.
    • Shoulder details or sleeveless top enhance the upper body to draw the eyes up.
    • V-neck or embellished neckline also helps draw the attention away from your lower body.
    1. The Hourglass

    If you’re a curvy hourglass girl, your hips and shoulders are similar in size with a well defined waist.  Knitted dresses will definitely enhance your feminine form.

    • Select dresses with streamlined silhouette that is slim from head to toe to show off your figure’s pros.
    • Go for Scoop or V necklines.
    • Adjustable-waist styles, such as dresses that tie at the waist also fit.


    1. The Rectangle

    If you have little definition between bust, waist and hip measurements, you are a rectangle lady.  You can get away with most looks.  There is no area that you want to minimize, but rather create an illusion of curves that can be done with the right dresses.

    • Select structured, full or A-line skirt dresses which will help create curves.
    • Look for dresses with embellishment, colour or other details at the front.
    • If you’re busty, try a lower neckline. If not, go for a higher neckline and show off your back and legs instead.

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