Silk – one of nature’s most elegant materials

At L plus H, we always strive to source natural materials to produce our extra-fine knitwear.  Silk is one of the nature’s precious gifts that we love to use.

What do we love about silk?

  • Moisture wicking & breathable

Silk can absorb up to a third of its weight in water before it feels wet.  That makes knitwear made of silk has impressive moisture wicking properties, keeping you dry and comfortable in any climate, year-round.  Silk is also breathable thus it keeps you cool on hot days and through warm nights.

  • Versatile & durable

Silk is an extremely soft, luxurious fabric that is at once both versatile & durable. Fashioned from natural proteins, silk is inherently strong, and possesses some of the most coveted traits of today’s modern fabrics.

  • Easy to care

Silk is surprisingly easy to care for and will retain its beauty for years.  It doesn’t create static, so it does not cling or crease easily.

Silk has a natural luster from its smooth threads, giving a beautiful appearance.  It is hypoallergenic, and won’t irritate sensitive skin.

Can’t wait to try our silk knitwear on?  Just come to visit us at the L plus H Central Shop.



蠶絲能夠容納本身重量的 30% 水份,卻不會有濕淋淋的觸感,且透氣度高,所以絲質針織可吸收皮膚上的水份,幫助調節身體溫度,讓你於任何天氣都倍感舒適。



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